Elvebrett, or riverboarding is an intense experience and the best way to feel the power of the river on your body. We design custom riverboarding excursions according to a group’s preferences.

Riverboarding is a more physically challenging activity than rafting and one that lets you be as immersed in the river as you can possibly be. It is an individual activity which has you lie on a board with handles, in a full wetsuit with flippers and gloves, helmet and life jacket while you negotiate the rapids in the river. Our guides provide instruction and share techniques for a fun and safe experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Riverboarding is suitable for people who have rafted several times and are looking to take their river experience to the next level.


Our elvebrett/riverboarding excursions are run on different parts of Sjoa, depending on the water levels. Before braving the rapids, our guides will provide a thorough briefing on technique and what to expect in the water. The guides will come with you, but you will be in control of your own board while you surf waves and go down the rapids.

This activity requires participants to be in good physical shape, but the excursion can be adjusted to the participants’ condition, preferences and experience.

At the end of the excursion, you will enjoy a warm shower and lunch and coffee with your guides.

Season: May to October, but it is most enjoyable between June and September

Day Trip
Price: NOK 1490,- per person, including lunch after the tour (min. 3 people)
Minimum age 16 years
Duration: Approximately 5 hours. Run daily with a minimum of 3 people

Family riverboarding
For parents and children looking for an extra challenge and a natural next step from family rafting, we offer family-friendly riverboarding too. These excursions typically take place on the Lågen river, where guests get to try a tough activity in a controlled environment. You will have the opportunity to surf waves and head down rapids under the watchful supervision of our guides, with the approach adjusted to accommodate the ages and skills of the participants.
Price: NOK 935,- per person, (min. 4 persons)
Minimum age: 10 years
Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours. Run every day, with a minimum of 4 participants

Complete wetsuit with padding on the elbows and knees.
Helmet, life jacket, gloves, flippers and board.

Wool- or super-underwear to wear underneath the wetsuit on cool days.
Wool socks, towel and toiletry bag.

Prices from 935 per person




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**The recommended age limit for rafting is 7 years.
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